Monday, November 22, 2010

Dedication to Orchids

There are mere mortals and then there are those who breed Orchids,
showing Dedication and care for the chance of viable seed and a new variety.
These plants are just a few of the impressive collection once owned by Dr Seaton.
His passion for these exotic plants saw many new varieties emerge.
Sadly, at his passing, many of the names of the varieties he produced have been lost.
Orchids everywhere have had a great flowing season, the plant pictured immediately below having flowered for the first time for its new guardian.

Wishing Denis Wilson, an Orchid Enthusiast, a very Happy Birthday.
Without your introduction to this wonderful plant, they would remain just a flower.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spring Storms

The passage of Spring into summer has provided some great electrical storms to photograph this year.
This front passed through last week, with the photo below showing  its intensity after a hot day.

This still from a video of the storm shows the ferocity of the electrical discharges.

The storm passed and indicated another clear day tomorrow.
Many I have talked too feel these events to be more like weather patterns observed at this time 
of year some 25- 30 years ago.

Reptiles are out of hibernation and the first cicada have been heard.
Whether we get a hot summer or a cool one, a wet or a dry one is still up for grabs.
Either way the garden is loving it and so, sadly, is the lawn.