Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beneath the surface

A trip to Wollongong afforded a visit to the Botanical Gardens for the kids to feed the ducks.
Though as the ducks chase the pieces of bread on the surface, the long forms of eels move beneath the scene.
Its a wonder more ducks dont disappear, with these guys measuring over 2 metres length.

They were very inquisitive and interested in the camera, showing no fear as they fought for bread around my extended arm.
I managed to get one to raise itself some 300mm above the surface to take a piece of bread from my hand.
All in all more fun feeding the eels.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Montague Island

Yesterday I had the chance to get a tour of Montague Island and its surrounds.
Many thanks to my mate Grahame from Bermagui Eco Tours for the trip.
( you can contact him on
Montague Island is an interesting spot consisting of natural and historical heritage areas.

Below is a colony of Arctic Turns.

There are also many Fairy Penguins on the Island.
This one is returning to its nest in the evening.

These Seagulls are announcing the return of the Penguins and swarm the area above the water.

The Island has a large Seal colony, with much of the area surrounding the Island being part of  a marine Park.

The Island also has very interesting Basalt and Granite outcropping, with the distribution of the Basalt on the Northern side and Granite to the South, with the Granite used to build a lighthouse in the late 1880's.
The following view is to the North from the lighthouse, with the Southern view unpublished due to the presence of significant Aboriginal heritage sites.

It is possible to stay on the Island - contact Narooma Tourism Association for further details.
Thanks to my mates from National Parks and Wildlife for making the stay so enjoyable.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day 2011

This Blog Action Day is all about food.
This video was shot in 2007 and demonstrates that while much of the world goes hungry, much food goes to waste to maintain purchasing structures within large supermarket chains.
When the human factor becomes the priority in capitalism, and it is realised that you make more money in a stable world, perhaps this situation will change.
Apologies for the low resolution.
It was important that it loaded quickly, so you would see it entirety.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Out on an excursion

The Duck family was out on an excursion today at our place.
Charlie the Red Cattle Dog watched on as the matriarch of the posse led the group through our yard, showing all the good spots, then out through the fence and back for a swim.

Many water birds have well developed chicks, and are out showing them the ropes as they gain size and confidence.


Saturday, October 01, 2011

Good rain this Spring

Regular cold fronts over NSW have supplied steady rainfall so far this Spring.
This isolated storm system passed through a starry sky last night producing some phenomenal lightning strikes such as the one pictured below.

Early and sustained Spring rains have been responsible for many Summer bushfires, due to the accelerated undergrowth providing fuel that dries out over summer making a hot burn more likely.
These small individual events are highly charged with spectacular  displays as they approach the coast ahead of the main front.