Thursday, October 01, 2015

Warm Spring and a Hot Summer predicted

Winter has gone and been replaced with very warm Spring weather.
The blossoms are out giving enjoyment to all but hay fever sufferers.

Not must enjoyment is given in Spring should you cross paths with this guy pictured below.
The Australian Magpie nests at this time of year with both male and female very territorial of the nesting site.
If you find one in your yard the best thing you can do is cut your lawn.
The freeing of small insects and arachnids by this act makes you an instant friend.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A cold winter despite El Nino

The following shots were taken in the Australian Alps at the waning of the snow season.
Despite El Nino picking up, an event that causes drier periods in Australia generally, the snow falls weren't too bad.

These may be the last good falls for the next few years until the El Nino cycle is reversed giving rise to not just milder winters but also very hot and dry summers.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Autumn well underway

 Autumn is well underway with wet cold weather driven by powerful east coast lows giving snow above 1500m. Here hasn't been so bad with most of the extreme weather being coastal.

A shift in lighting has occurred with short spectacular evenings followed by crisp nights.
Here the moon rises above clouds, the scene tinted by the low sunlight, followed by an overview of Tumut in the NSW Southern Tablelands displaying Autumn colours.



Below is a case moth caterpillar.
Back in October I found a case moth caterpillar at the start of a late spring.
Both were advanced specimens with cases measuring around 20cm in length.
Both found at the opposing boundaries of winter.
With not much in the way of fresh greens left and a cold winter on the way these caterpillars have a few months before warmer weather affords new growth. They seem to have a number of suitable plant species producing leaves to eat. This may allow winter feeding though all food plants observed so far have been deciduous.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The end of Summer storms

With Summer gone and Autumn underway its a good time to reflect on the storms that passed on through and gave this storm chaser so much fun.
Here they are. Enjoy.

The following one was a beauty.

Autumn temps were evident from the first of March with a cold winter on the way perhaps.
Summer temps were actually lower her than last year where 2 weeks solid above 40C and some midnights at 30C tested all. roll on Winter and good snow.