Monday, October 16, 2006

Waratah blooms well this year

All around the Southern Highlands this year are some of the finest waratah blooms
I've seen in a while. These rare white waratah (pictured) are growing in a Robertson garden and would quite likely be clones from a plant that was found in the late 1960's by waterboard workers. SCA land, due to its pristine nature, would have many rare and endangered species within its no-go zones. It is only correct management of these areas that will allow these species to continue.

Cicada's early emergence

Late last week I was out at the roadside near Butlers swamp, and was lucky enough to photograph this small black cicada.
Having gone out to observe the roadside orchids, blooming at the moment, to come across this insect was a bonus.
Usually quite shy and flighty, this one was happy to pose on my finger for a photo that shows its scale quite clearly.
This particular cicada usually only emerges in the height of summer, perhaps giving some indication of the type of summer we are to have this year.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The weather is getting warmer

What a great time to start a Blog!
As the weather warms up many snakes are coming out of hibernation.
This snap, please pardon the pun, is of my snake Ruby. After a long sleep a little yawn seems quite natural, and gives the chance to observe the bitey end from the comfort of your computer chair.

Ruby is an intergrade coastal/diamond python and is harmless, though can give a bite if upset.

Many snakes of all types are emerging from winter dens at the moment, and it pays to be careful of snakes getting a little warmth on roadsides and rocky outcrops near water.
Love em or hate em, all snakes are protected in Australia and can be avoided in most cases with a little noise (stamp your feet) as you approach areas in which you suspect they may reside.