Monday, December 08, 2008

Amphibian Invasion

With Summer more than a week old already, insects of all shapes and sizes have been attracted to my veranda light... and the numbers and variety are on the increase.

Large christmas beetles have arrived (25mm) and I must have seen at least 20 types of moth in all shapes and sizes.
It is these moths that have attracted a number of Emerald Spotted Tree Frogs to my doorstep.
The behaviour they exibit in capturing these moths is fasciating.

Firstly they will climb the brick wall....

Then adopt the strike position.....

It is a matter of launching at the next insect that comes within reach, and landing safely on the decking located often 1.5M below to consume their catch.

Im looking forward to getting a vid of this action, and will post it as soon as I do.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Running on honey (2), a Bell Bird, and a storm

On a walk back home today I got a few more bird shots.
Seems that the profusion of flower species laden with nectar are attracting some attention.

The parrots were a treat with their colourful forms and antics...

..and Finally... a Bell bird.
I have found these guys almost impossible to photograph..
(so if my ID is wrong..let me down easy..ok?) lol

...and just so this blog isn't all about avians (been a few posts lately :)  )'s a shot of the storm that covered a good 2/3rds of NSW last week.
This shot was taken a little out of Quaama on the far south coast of NSW as it arrived.