Friday, October 25, 2013

Finds while doing a little gardening

The frosts have stopped at last and so a little gardening was planned this afternoon.
Two interesting creatures were found in the process of cleaning up for planting.
The first is a Case Moth ( pictured below).

This little guy is of the family Clania Lewinni - the stick case moth an, although it favours gum leaves was found munching happily of a Raspberry bush.

Below is an arachnid ( and one of my favorites)

It is a Wolf Spider and this is crowded commuting taken to the max.
The mother will carry these spiderlings on her back and is most protective of them.
It was difficult getting this shot as she was very camera shy.

The weather continues to warm with storm chasing the flavour of the month.
Hopefully I will have some good lightning shots posted soon. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Back in time for Spring

Well I never intended to have such a lengthy hiatus in posting, though I'm back with some macros in time for Spring.
A burst of hot weather and a little rain has seen an explosion of colour and the insects haven't been to far behind. A great time for a few macros.

This ladybird was on the hunt for a few aphids

No need for sprays even with this sort of infestation.
Within a week most will be cleaned up by the various predators.

As golden sunshine replaces cold and icy winds, frosty mornings and pleasant days are on the increase.

Look forward to a new burst of postings to follow.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tall Trees

The following are shots from my recent trip to the "Sugar Pine Walk" just out of Tumbarumba in Laurel Hill. These pines have been let go wild and give an idea how grand nature can get if we give it enough time to reach its potential. While not exactly redwoods, an experience nonetheless.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Light shows, rain and Wasps

Good rain at last after a long hot dry spell and temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius.
This picture as this latest storm approached .

The rain also afforded a little nest building for this formidable looking wasp. 

With its head down and tilting its body in a "head stand" position it rolled large balls of mud.

Flying off , it returned at minute long intervals all afternoon to repeat the process.

A very cagey and private creature, I have not yet been able to locate the nest.
As it returns to the same position continuously to collect mud I will attempt a video of this soon.