Monday, December 31, 2012

Xmas eve storms 2012

Its been a great year for photography and the huge storms that lashed NSW Australia on Xmas eve were no exception. Here is an animation of the build up and light show that has been compiled from the sequential shots taken that day.
Have a great New Year and see you for more in 2013. 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Macro Explosion

A burst of hot days has seen an explosion of insect life.
Having moved to a new area I am presented with many new creatures to photograph.
Here is a small collection of some of my most recent macro shots.

With the new macro configuration giving good DOF and colour rendition/ sharpness the fun is just beginning
We still haven't had a good lightning storm here, though with all the warm weather it is only a matter of time.
Those storm chases amongst you keep an eye out.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Sixth Birthday

Today is the sixth anniversary of my blog and I'm on the move and unable to post much. It is the first time I have mobile blogged though. Here are a few shots of my new stomping ground that promises a new range of nature to capture from massive storms to the smallest of creatures. I hope you have enjoyed the last six years. There's much more to come.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


With Spring well under way everything is in bloom and its harvest time for those great pollinators the bees.
Here are a few shots dedicated to those who help feed us with more than just honey and keep colour in our lives.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Into Spring

Things are warming up, though Winter hasn't totally given up its grasp with the occasional return to quite cold weather. The thunder storms have begun rolling in though, a sure sign that change is in the air.
There is quite a bit of pollen in that air too. Below a shot of a peach orchard in flower with rolling hills on a misty morning.

Apples are also in blooming, though the storms of late have taken a toll .

Those storms should afford some great shots soon hopefully.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First signs of Spring

Although Spring is still a few days away nature has already made her mind up with a number of great days full of the potential that can be felt as Winter ends. Just ask those who suffer hay fever.
To acknowledge the coming of Spring here are a few blossom shots.

With the coming of Spring is the arrival of some of this areas best thunder storms.
I will be out chasing this year with some new territory to shoot.
Here's another shot with Spring colours backdropped with ominous thunder clouds.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Last of the Autumn Colours

With winter well established I stopped at a spot along Blowering Dam to grab these following shots.
Most leaves have already fallen, with this striking display of yellow being Autumn's last hurrah.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Transit of Venus 06.06.12

Over the last few years there have been quite a few interesting conjunctions alignments and such,
though the transit of Venus today was quite a bonus to see in ones lifetime. 
Not due again for quite a while, it was great that the clouds parted long enough to get
a few shots of an event so tied to Australian History.
Captain Cook was sent south, partly, to witness such an event so as to gain vital triangulations
that, when compared with those taken across the globe, would help calculate the distance of Venus
from the sun and, therefore, help in  calculations for the orbits of other planets, the Earth included.

So, here's my shot of the event.

With a partial eclipse due soon, the sky is keeping me busy as the creatures of the Earth slumber in Winter's grip, and with a new macro outfit constructed you can expect some real close-ups this Spring of a more terrestrial nature.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Winter is almost here

With winter fast approaching trees are losing their leaves and, with a move to a more highland environment, I am able to enjoy the seasons that such an inland elevation affords.
Below are a couple of pictures that illustrate the colour on display.

Insects are few, though this little Leaf Spider must have thought there were a few around and gave me a chance to test out my new macro lens a little early.

Im looking forward to some majestic landscapes as the snow season starts soon.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Autumn Field - feast

Although the rain has been ceaseless for the last heaven knows how long, the paddocks next to us got a cut last week and many creatures such as crickets, frogs and mice got a rude awakening.

This trimming of the verge did not go unnoticed, especially by one very canny Kookaburra
who sat up on the power lines above and kept a close eye on the action.

Kookaburra will eat a variety of prey, including mice, frogs, insects and a snake 
or two when they can get their beaks on them, so I thought it wise to grab the 
camera and hang around for a while myself and see what happened.
The Kookaburra buzzed the field a number of times, quite low, and
seemed to catch a number of things, though as to what was caught
I was not able to clearly ascertain. I believe insects of some sort were the 
victims of  a sharp eye and sharper beak.

The bird seemed to do quite well and eventually left, though not before I got the following shot.
Amongst the masses of grass picked up on the way, suggesting a small meal, were
what seemed to be long insect legs - Perhaps grasshoppers.
Although I was hoping to see a battle with a Red Bellied Black Snake,
a favourite food of theirs, it was an interesting afternoon nonetheless.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Electrical storms continue

With a wet and stormy Summer behind us, Violent electrical storms continue in our area.
Mostly isolated pockets of activity, this one passed by late last night.
It was interesting to observe, with such a small storm, what happened as it passed over a small group of islands just off the coast - the relative warmth differential of the island in relation to the sea caused the clouds to mushroom up causing further electrical discharge as it did so. 
Below is a shot of the "mushrooming", as well as a short vid showing some of the action.

Despite the lack of sleep, its a storm chasers paradise at the moment.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

More on Water

With so much rain of late, it was only natural to think of a few more ways to photograph that polar molecule.
Water is integral to all life on Earth, so no focus on nature would be complete without a few references to it and its amazing properties - properties that enable life to exist on this planet.
The fact that ice (solid state water) floats on the liquid state could have made the difference between the biodiversity we experience today and something different. If the solid state had sunk, it would not have a chance to melt and would have accumulated resulting much more ice locked up deep at the poles, lower ocean levels and possibly permanent ice age conditions.
So, here are a few shots of bursting balloons that were filled with water.
The way in which the water reacts immediately after the balloon is "removed" (burst) illustrates one of the most amazing properties of water - its polar or "sticky" properties.
Want to know more about water? Go wiki HERE
Want to see previous posts of mine on the amazing water molecule? Go HERE

So here are the shots. Enjoy :)

At the point of bursting.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Big surf

The last few weeks saw a very slow storm front moving across the eastern states of Australia.
Dominated by an intense low pressure system, a vast amount of rain fell from northern
Queensland to Victoria.
This map from the Bureau of Meteorology illustrates the situation as the system left the coast.
Along with the rain came wild seas with just under 6 metre swells.
A short vid of the action that pounded the shores is below, though fails to
capture the immensity of those massive waves.

Some flooding was experienced here, though nothing of the order in other areas.
A few pics to give an idea follow.

With one of the wettest, coolest summers on record and a cool Autumn following, it leaves one to wonder if this Winter will be a reflection of that experienced in the Northern Hemisphere this year.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Visit to Potoroo Palace

With my sister-in-law over for a visit it was only natural to visit a wildlife park so that she 
might become accustomed to some of Australia's wondrous animals up close and personal.
One such park is located a little south of us that fits the bill quite well - The Potoroo Palace.
With resident Kangaroos and Emu to be fed, as well as Native snakes, Echidna and a wide 
variety of native birds it is a most pleasurable diversion even for those accustomed to seeing 
these animals in the wild on a regular basis.

Below are a few shots.

Despite my familiarity with these creatures  I was happy to have 
the surprise of photographing my first white Echidna

I Include a link to their website HERE should you wish to visit this small though interesting wildlife park.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kickboxing Kangaroos

Today I was lucky enough to see a sparring match between two kangaroos.
The video below captured most of the action and you should pay attention
to the first 4 to 10 seconds where an interaction between one of the opponents
and another kangaroo seem to spark the action that follows.

This video is available in higher resolution HERE

Many wallabies and kangaroo have been present in our area 
of late with this afternoons gathering one of the largest with
over 15 kangaroos present in the mob.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seahorse find

Last week I was out fishing from the beach, when Madeleine Sing 
found this interesting Seahorse washed ashore.
Being over 30cm in length, it is rather large.

 I have been unable to find a classification for this interesting specimen and would be 
interested to know whether or not it was local to my area of South Eastern Australia.

For the fishermen out there the fishing yielded two nice Salmon.