Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse gets good turnout

The Luna eclipse got a good turnout tonight, with a fair crowd taking advantage of the event to have a look in a telescope and be part of the proceedings.
A few of the local crowd were there and the night was clear of mist ( will wonders never cease) giving all a great view.
The pictures shown her are of some of the attendants, the full moon, the moon half eclipsed, A fully eclipsed moon, and a nice distance shot showing a star or two...only possible at this time. Otherwise the reflected light is too bright to make stars that close visible.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Astronomy Robbo Style

The latest full moon was spectacular, as were the last few.
Crisp clean air giving clarity and definition to formations.
Although I was disappointed in the shot, I have included it as an object lesson in preparedness. Always carry a tripod.
The shot was taken, hand held, at 420mm optical zoom with 4x digital assistance.
The crescent shot illustrates the difference a tripod can make.
The distant shot, while hand held, retains definition due to the moderate zoom used.
On clear nights in Robbo you can find Chris out with his 300mm refracting telescope.
Always willing to give people a peek at the cosmos, he trained the scope on the moon the other night with great result. Jupiter and four of its moons were also visible though, as Chris would agree, finer detail in the sky can only be achieved on a moonless night.