Monday, October 09, 2006

The weather is getting warmer

What a great time to start a Blog!
As the weather warms up many snakes are coming out of hibernation.
This snap, please pardon the pun, is of my snake Ruby. After a long sleep a little yawn seems quite natural, and gives the chance to observe the bitey end from the comfort of your computer chair.

Ruby is an intergrade coastal/diamond python and is harmless, though can give a bite if upset.

Many snakes of all types are emerging from winter dens at the moment, and it pays to be careful of snakes getting a little warmth on roadsides and rocky outcrops near water.
Love em or hate em, all snakes are protected in Australia and can be avoided in most cases with a little noise (stamp your feet) as you approach areas in which you suspect they may reside.

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