Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Snake bites part of keeping reptiles

Ever been told not to get in the way of a dog and its food?

Its much the same for snakes.

Ruby, her picture in a previous post, turned up her nose at some food recently and I was attempting to remove it when this happened.

While not painful at this size, the bite gives you a shock more than anything else. It all happens in under 1/100 of a second. This is about 5 times faster than we humans can react.

The bite will bleed a little, and a good antiseptic is recommended followup.

Being non venomous no further treatment is necessary.
Remember that bites from venomous creatures should NEVER be washed before going to hospital, as this removes the venom traces that are necessary for quick identification.

The bite healed quickly, except for one spot.
This I investigated, and managed to remove from the area a tooth.
This tooth is pictured next to a tooth pick for scale.
The loss of a few teeth is all in a days work for snakes, as they are replaced on a regular basis.

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