Monday, October 01, 2007

Tidal Environment

Recently, while down at coastal rock pools, I found an area with
small rocky mounds protruding above the flat mud stone surface.

On these mounds, pictured below, were a multitude of small sea snails gathered
together with the surrounding areas devoid of any snails.

I wondered why they should behave in such a way, and found out why as
I walked amongst this strange landscape.

As the water evaporates, it becomes more and more salty, until the area is a mass of salt crystals. For the snails it is a case of find high ground or die. As large seas break over the seawall and fill the shallow area, it dilutes the salt content and the snails go on their way till next it dries beyond their tolerance.

The lady bird, pictured below, was not noticed until I processed the photo at home,

so I was not able to get a better shot.

It was most likely feeding on the small insects that inhabit the area.


  1. Hi David
    So that's where you disappeared to, eh?
    Nice photos of Rock Pools. I'm crazy for them, myself, but I have never noticed such a salt build-up.


  2. Hi Denis

    I would be interested in going back to the area for further study.
    We should plan a trip.



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