Sunday, December 09, 2007

Of spiders, flies and the testing of a new camera

Any new piece of photographic equipment can be a little daunting and it is important to know the gear you use reasonably well, so that you don't miss that fraction of a second that turns a good shot into a great one - so I was out in the backyard today seeing what was on offer when I found the following spiders.
Firstly, a Snt Andrews Cross, showing the two types of web it can produce in its classic orb with an "X".

The little spider wrapped in a leaf is in fact a jumping spider,
and it is the first time I have seen one make such a home.
I would guess that it was a female in her nest.
The fly, pictured below, was pushing the cameras macro feature to its limit as it was only 5mm long and extremely flighty

There are many insects out at the moment, allowing a wide variety of spiders a plentiful supply of food.
The Copperhead at the poolside today was a little camera shy and so will have to wait for another day
...perhaps tomorrow morning as things warm up.


  1. hi David,

    spiders are certainly the flavour of the month at my place too - oh, yes, and flies - a zillion of them.

    I enjoyed your images and observations, as usual. Have fun with your new camera :)


  2. Hi Gaye,
    Thankyou for dropping by.
    Things have been hectic of late, and I have not been as "on the ball" as usual.
    You can look forward to renewed zest in the new year. you might have some spider shots for me to see?...I know Denis has a rather scary one he uses as a desktop..have you seen it on his blog?...amazing colours.
    Take care over the silly season, and I look forward to many interesting shots from you over the upcoming year.

  3. hi David,

    yes, I have seen Denis' green huntsman - it is a beauty. Huntsman are (to me) one of the all-time scariest spiders.

    Best wishes to you also for a safe and happy festive season.



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