Monday, January 28, 2008

Orchard Butterfly

Citrus trees, due the chemistry of the plant, often have some strange creatures inhabiting them.The orchard Butterfly is no exception.
The picture, below, is that of the immature caterpillar of the species.
Looking like a bird dropping, it consumes quite a number of fresh leaves to reach maximum size before its transformation ...

As it grows, the caterpillar undergoes some changes, and looks like the next photo as it approaches its transformation.....

Below are a couple of photos of the chrysalis that it formed...

I have been awaiting the emergence of the butterfly, though it seems a little overdue.
Usually taking about 10 days, this specimen has not shown itself yet
and has been in its chrysalis state for 14 days now.
Weather and temperature play a large part in the process and, as we have had a few cold days, things may be a little delayed.
I will be keeping an eye on it and hope to have photos of the adult on this site soon.

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