Monday, December 01, 2008

Running on honey (2), a Bell Bird, and a storm

On a walk back home today I got a few more bird shots.
Seems that the profusion of flower species laden with nectar are attracting some attention.

The parrots were a treat with their colourful forms and antics...

..and Finally... a Bell bird.
I have found these guys almost impossible to photograph..
(so if my ID is wrong..let me down easy..ok?) lol

...and just so this blog isn't all about avians (been a few posts lately :)  )'s a shot of the storm that covered a good 2/3rds of NSW last week.
This shot was taken a little out of Quaama on the far south coast of NSW as it arrived.


  1. Hi David
    Nice shots.
    Top one is the Little Wattlebird (a large Honeyeater). It does not have the pink "ear lobes" of the larger "Red Wattlebird" (which has a yellow patch on its belly). You probably get both species, there. The Little Wattlebird is typically a coastal species, though, I get some in Robbo.
    Those birds are often photographed on those New Zealand Flax, with red pollen dusting on their foreheads, which is of course, how the plants rely on these birds to do the pollinating.

    Great colour on the Rainbow Lorikeets.

    And yes, you have the BellBird. Always tough to photograph - way up in the canopy, mostly, and very busy.

    Did you get much rain out of that black cloud? We got a huge thunderstorm on the Escarpment. Lasted about 30 minutes. Computers got blown up all over town. Not mine, fortunately.


  2. Hi Denis,
    I heard you guys got a bit of lightning :)
    We had some here too, but not like Robbo and surrounds...the rain was very heavy but, again, not like the amount you get there....still I followed the progress on storm covered about 2/3 the state with good, and needed, falls.

  3. G'day David,
    Denis is spot on. Little Wattlebird, (pollen and all - lovely shot), Rainbow Lorikeet, (clowns of the 'keets) and the Bell Miner, (often in big flocks with not many other birds around!). Three interesting honeyeater species, nice stuff.

  4. nice shots.thank you for your posts.thaugh i had posted videos and photos of many birds in my blog,i do not know much about them.i will follow you.


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