Friday, February 13, 2009

Magpie Antics

Magpies are known for their antics ( and occasional swooping), so I was glad to get these shots the other day.
The post in the picture is a star picket with a plastic tube around it.
Grass is growing through the top.

One magpie stands atop the post, with casual interest to his mate and then seems to keep watch.
The other Magpie flies up and grabs the grass in its beak.
With nothing to hold on to ( the plastic tube is quite slippery) it hangs there by its beak swinging on the grass.
It did this for some time and, if it was attempting to catch a meal, would have found it most unsuccessful with a mouth full of lawn .
It did not attempt to remove any of the grass, nor did it seem to catch anything.

I had the impression it was mucking around.

With young Magpies having flown the coop, I have seen many experimenting with hunting methods.
Perhaps this was play with a purpose.


  1. Hi David
    I woulld swear it was trying ot gather nesting material, except it is late in the season to start up breeding again.
    Maybe you are right - perhaps it is just "play".
    Nice sequence.

  2. hi David,

    how absolutely delightful! I also love to watch the magpie antics, especially the young who play with all manner of things around my yard.



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