Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kookaburra on the hunt

It was with some degree of relief that I heard a number of Kookaburra calling last week. Since then they have been making their world famous call each morning and evening.

A bird that I remember well from my youth ( I cared for one once while its wing healed), it has been sadly lacking in numbers over the years following.
Many bird species are on the decline due to a number of factors and I recall a recent report stating that the beloved Kookaburra was on that list.

A few posts ago I photographed a young Red Bellied Black snake in my backyard. This is not the only one I have seen. It seems that this years breeding season was a good one for snakes. Hot and dry.

It also seems that the Kookaburra, who are fond of snake for dinner, are aware of the fact.

A shot of a Black Snake being swallowed whole is on my wish list.

Next time you see an inoffensive snake on its way, remember that a bird song we associate with all things Australian depends largely on snake populations.

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  1. Oh there you go, sticking up for Snakes. Typical!
    Lovely shot of Kookaburra in flight, David.


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