Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goannas of Cuttagee

In relation to my previous post on Goannas , Here is a short vid of one.

This reptile measured over 2 Metres in length.

Many are to be found in the surrounds of lakes and rivers in the NSW South Coast.

This one would like to eat a dog that belongs to friends of mine, though keeps itself busy around the area foraging for scraps and is welcome for the interest and diversity it affords to the bushland surroundings it shares with its human neighbours.

It was not worried at all by my videoing it and it was obvious that any further encroachment on its space would be challenged.

A good example of one of Australias largest reptiles.

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  1. Hi David
    Not sure why, but I could not play it directly from the Web, but had to download the video and then play it.
    Maybe something to do with RealPlayer (which is currently my default video player - I don't actually like it much as it is very "dominant".
    Anyway, what a fantastic Goanna.
    I am sure it has eaten many a small Dog, by the look of it.
    Great tongue action there.
    Good idea not to run in front of him.


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