Saturday, August 28, 2010

A feast of forms

After traveling over 7000Km up to Cape Tribulation on the Queensland North Coast and back over the last month, I was able to collect a variety of creatures some of which are shown below.
This Star Fish was shot at Arlie beach, surfacing from the sand with the influx of the tide.

These birds inhabit the far north in profusion and nest overnight in the branches overnight.
Unafraid of people, they scour the campsites for morsels without fear.

Salt Water Crocs prowl the waters, this specimen over 3 metres in length and over 70 years old.

This Rino Beetle was quite big and aggressive, having bit my finger whilst I attempted to photograph it.

Preying Mantis were in abundance, and as curious as ever.

This Manta Ray was off the beach at Fraser Island, crusing the shallows for crabs.

Kookaburras provided a loud waking call in the early morning chorus.

A Kadadid hunts at night.

This Jeweled Spider was a long way north of those I photographed years back in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
Honey eaters were many and varied.

The Goanna seen in Queensland were smaller than their southern relatives

This Gecko was out for the hunt one night for moths at Wonga Beach near Daintree Rainforest.

Fraser Island had many species of fish, these captured in shallow waters of the Champagne Pools on Fraser Island.

Dingos also prowl the Island, and are to be walked warily amongst.

This unusual bird was photographed Near Emerald Qld.

A Fascinating Holiday with many shots taken of scenery and wildlife in abundance.
I hope to post more as they are processed.


  1. superbe fotografii,bravo

  2. Nice photos, David.
    The last bird is an "Apostle Bird" or "Grey Jumper".
    Hangs around in large, noisy family groups, and builds a mud nest not dissimilar to the White-winged Chough. Both are reputed to nest communally, i.e., several females may lay eggs in the one nest, and share the task of raising the chicks.

  3. f reusite fotografii,bravo


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