Saturday, October 09, 2010

Feeding The Rays

Its been a long time since I visited Bendalong and was glad to see that over 25 years large black rays are still coming in for a feed.
I last experienced this phenomenon with my Daughter Rhiannon, some 8 years ago,and was happy to see that it has not gone the way various Dolphin and Penguin visitations have.
It remains an encounter.
Having said that, lets try to keep it that way.
It is true to say that encounters with large black Rays are common around many boat ramps along the southern NSW coastline, though I find the greeting at Bendalong the most rewarding.
This Video is of some of that day and I have tied to capture the experience in going face to face with a large and alien being.
I bought some Pilchards to wave in the water so a to attract a few Rays, though it is debatable if the Pilchards played a part at all. I noticed if you stamped your foot in the sand under water they came more readily.
They are brought in by the fishing boats, presumably called by the thump of the engines. Perhaps we are associated with low wave concussive sound-forms, food being a reward to tolerate incessant patting.
The eyes of this creature will survey you from above the waterline, just to get good look, and will spot a floating pilchard go by as you will see.
My mate Marvin bravely went face to face for the vid.
This was of no great risk. Rays are gentle, though potentially dangerous, creatures.
Just as with a horse, you keep distance of the back end.

A fitting post for the 4Th anniversary of this blog.
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  1. Hi David
    A whole new look, eh?
    Very sharp.
    Those are large Rays.
    Fascinating creatures.
    I always wonder how they find their food, as, you rightly say they have their eyes on top of their head, but feed with the mouth underneath.
    Presumably some feeler system.


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