Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A burst of hot weather heats it up

A burst of hot, dry weather has seen the veranda getting more use in the early evenings as things cool down, though space is limited as more and more insects vie for a place to meet under the glow of electric lights.

This dragon fly stopped by for a visit,

as did this cicada.

Beetles of all shapes and sizes abound in whirring confusion, with the odd Christmas beetle still in attendance as well.

 The increased action has not escaped the eyes of predators either.
This huntsman keeps an eye on the proceedings.

Green spotted tree frogs have been around for the last few months and don't miss too many opportunities for a meal as they deftly climb the walls. 

Evenings are a busy place on the veranda, with sitting under the lights just not a comfortable option.
The show that is put on each and every twilight makes it an interesting place nonetheless.

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  1. Hi David
    Good Macro images.
    Your Beetle is a type of Longicorn Beetle. Wood borers (tree grubs, not the tiny furniture borer beetles).
    Love the Dragon Fly shot.


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