Saturday, May 07, 2011

The seals of Narooma

The Montague Island Marine Reserve has been quite a success.
So much so that the Seal population, also protected, has boomed.
Seals that have been kicked from the Island have made their home in Narooma Harbour entrance and laze within metres of passers bye.
As the following video will show, they are relaxed around humans.
Especially those who fish.
Fisherman complain of whole catches of "heads", the seals extracting the rest of the fish before it can be landed.

It remains to be seen if the eco system is in balance with seal numbers increasing  and how much pressure this is placing on the marine reserve in general.

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  1. Hi David
    Love the way they lazily roll in the water. So graceful.
    If they become permanent residents in NArooma, there will be trouble - either with kids (as we have talked about) or, as you hint, with the fishermen reluctant to "share" their catch. As you suggest, there's not a lot left after a Seal has had a first bite.


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