Monday, August 01, 2011

My cheeky friend

It only takes a little kindness to make a friend.
Sometimes that friend can take things for granted.
Its always ok when your somewhat cheeky friend is a butcher Bird.

While I'm not into feeding masses of birds - its not good practice, for it provides an unstable food source that, if discontinued, can cause all sorts of problems - I make exception for this guy.
The Butcher Bird is a member of the Kingfisher family and will readily make itself part of your family, given enough encouragement which, by the way, is very little.
After returning from fishing with my hard earned catch, this guy promptly tried to snatch a fish more than twice his size as I was cleaning them.
The photo below shows him demonstrating that he can indeed catch his own meal. 
A point he made when I was a little slow in providing food for him.
You will notice the colouration of yellows and blues under his wings and on his body.
This is not readily evident, though can be seen with correct lighting (and luck).

Yes, a not exactly patient, though worthwhile, friend to make..


  1. Nice study of the Grey Butcherbird, David.
    I recall one in Robertson which landed on your camera when set on a Tripod.
    A good memory to hold on to.


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