Thursday, September 22, 2011

Morning Dive

This morning was great for a dive, so I dragged out the wetsuit and braved the cold water so as to give the camera a run.
First off I came across a huge Octopus.
They are very curious and intelligent animals, and it was all I could do to keep the camera and keep a little distance from a creature that, once it latched on to you, would be very hard to remove.
Octopus have a "beak" much like a parrot and can remove a large chunk of skin when they are as large as this one was.
Amongst the sea grasses and in rock crevasses are, at the moment, Lobsters.
The water is still very cool and soon, as the water warms, they will leave the coast for their long walk to the continental shelf where they will stay till next winter.
This lobster in this footage was unlucky enough to be large enough to keep, and will make a nice dinner.

Hopefully the seas stay flat and I can shoot some more footage soon...hopefully of more Lobsters.


  1. Great show, David.
    New camera? Or a new "cover" for the earlier model?
    Works well, anyway.

  2. Thanks Denis,
    Its one of those "extreme cams"
    Trouble is keeping it reasonably still in extreme environments :)
    Off for some more footage of the coastal environs soon.


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