Thursday, October 20, 2011

Montague Island

Yesterday I had the chance to get a tour of Montague Island and its surrounds.
Many thanks to my mate Grahame from Bermagui Eco Tours for the trip.
( you can contact him on
Montague Island is an interesting spot consisting of natural and historical heritage areas.

Below is a colony of Arctic Turns.

There are also many Fairy Penguins on the Island.
This one is returning to its nest in the evening.

These Seagulls are announcing the return of the Penguins and swarm the area above the water.

The Island has a large Seal colony, with much of the area surrounding the Island being part of  a marine Park.

The Island also has very interesting Basalt and Granite outcropping, with the distribution of the Basalt on the Northern side and Granite to the South, with the Granite used to build a lighthouse in the late 1880's.
The following view is to the North from the lighthouse, with the Southern view unpublished due to the presence of significant Aboriginal heritage sites.

It is possible to stay on the Island - contact Narooma Tourism Association for further details.
Thanks to my mates from National Parks and Wildlife for making the stay so enjoyable.


  1. Hi David
    I think the Terns are Crested Terns.
    A "colony of Arctic Terns" on Montague would have the place swarming with Birdwatchers from all over Australia.
    You've done well to go out for the evening return of the Penguins. Did you see Muttonbirds?
    I love Montague, but hate the stories of the life of the early Lighthouse Keepers, and of the kids who died out there - because the rescue boats could not land while storms were raging.

  2. Fine, I do like it. You did made wonderful picture.

  3. Yes, I researched the bird and misread "Antarctic Tern", though typed as was. :)
    ...Though perhaps the swarming birdwatchers is part of the plan :))


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