Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sea Eagle

Although winter is fast approaching, the plovers are still enforcing air space rights around their designated areas.
This young Sea eagle strayed into one of these no go zones and was promptly buzzed.

Not unduly fussed by the attention, the Eagle still moved from the annoyance to quieter hunting areas.
The surrounding fields are still alive with small rodents giving an abundant food source before winter sets in. 

Saturday, May 07, 2011

The seals of Narooma

The Montague Island Marine Reserve has been quite a success.
So much so that the Seal population, also protected, has boomed.
Seals that have been kicked from the Island have made their home in Narooma Harbour entrance and laze within metres of passers bye.
As the following video will show, they are relaxed around humans.
Especially those who fish.
Fisherman complain of whole catches of "heads", the seals extracting the rest of the fish before it can be landed.

It remains to be seen if the eco system is in balance with seal numbers increasing  and how much pressure this is placing on the marine reserve in general.