Thursday, January 05, 2012

Predatory dog fights

Below are the photos in relation to my Facebook post at:

I believe the action was between two nesting Whistling Kites and a Sea Eagle.
These series of shots document the fast paced aerial action that accompanied protection of 
the Kites young and territory. 

Things got wing to wing often and, at one time, the Sea Eagle crash landed on the river bank.
This photo shows all three birds involved.

The Kites had to be quick to avoid the talons of the Eagle.

This close up of one of the birds doing all the protecting is for ID purposes.
I believe it to be a Whistling Kite.

A spectacular display between predators.

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  1. Great sequence David.
    The last shot is definitely a Whistling Kite, and therefore, by relative sizes, the other birds must be juvenile White-breasted Sea Eagles.
    When I first saw the image on Facebook, I figured the smaller bird to be a Kestrel, but now I see all the images, I realise that is not right.
    Great series of shots, David.


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