Sunday, March 18, 2012

More on Water

With so much rain of late, it was only natural to think of a few more ways to photograph that polar molecule.
Water is integral to all life on Earth, so no focus on nature would be complete without a few references to it and its amazing properties - properties that enable life to exist on this planet.
The fact that ice (solid state water) floats on the liquid state could have made the difference between the biodiversity we experience today and something different. If the solid state had sunk, it would not have a chance to melt and would have accumulated resulting much more ice locked up deep at the poles, lower ocean levels and possibly permanent ice age conditions.
So, here are a few shots of bursting balloons that were filled with water.
The way in which the water reacts immediately after the balloon is "removed" (burst) illustrates one of the most amazing properties of water - its polar or "sticky" properties.
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So here are the shots. Enjoy :)

At the point of bursting.

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