Thursday, April 19, 2012

Autumn Field - feast

Although the rain has been ceaseless for the last heaven knows how long, the paddocks next to us got a cut last week and many creatures such as crickets, frogs and mice got a rude awakening.

This trimming of the verge did not go unnoticed, especially by one very canny Kookaburra
who sat up on the power lines above and kept a close eye on the action.

Kookaburra will eat a variety of prey, including mice, frogs, insects and a snake 
or two when they can get their beaks on them, so I thought it wise to grab the 
camera and hang around for a while myself and see what happened.
The Kookaburra buzzed the field a number of times, quite low, and
seemed to catch a number of things, though as to what was caught
I was not able to clearly ascertain. I believe insects of some sort were the 
victims of  a sharp eye and sharper beak.

The bird seemed to do quite well and eventually left, though not before I got the following shot.
Amongst the masses of grass picked up on the way, suggesting a small meal, were
what seemed to be long insect legs - Perhaps grasshoppers.
Although I was hoping to see a battle with a Red Bellied Black Snake,
a favourite food of theirs, it was an interesting afternoon nonetheless.

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  1. Nicely observed, David.
    That last shot is interesting, when you blow it up, there are clearly long legs sticking out of the Kooka's beak.
    Are they going to build on that block?
    Hope not.


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