Thursday, November 08, 2012

Macro Explosion

A burst of hot days has seen an explosion of insect life.
Having moved to a new area I am presented with many new creatures to photograph.
Here is a small collection of some of my most recent macro shots.

With the new macro configuration giving good DOF and colour rendition/ sharpness the fun is just beginning
We still haven't had a good lightning storm here, though with all the warm weather it is only a matter of time.
Those storm chases amongst you keep an eye out.


  1. Love that last shot of the hairy face of a Spider.
    Amazing detail.
    Well done.

  2. wow you get so close! Beautiful pictures as always. What set-up do you have to get such great macro pics? I'm considering putting some sort of magnifying filter onto my camera (I don't have an SLR but I have a large lens similar to an SLR, its one of those in-between cameras) to try and get some better macro pictures.

  3. Hi Fnkykntr,
    I keep experimenting with macro combinations and am not scared to mix and match different companies as converters can be found on places like ebay. Presently its a 50mm Nikon prime and a Vivitar marco/2x teleconverter. Not overly close, though the depth of field is good.
    A magnifying filter attached to the front can get real good results depending on how much you want to spend on it. I found the Canon 2x mag the best.Again, adapters are out there DESPITE people saying it just cant be done :)

  4. Such a woanderful post. You collect some rear insects picture. Great job.


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