Thursday, March 06, 2014

Back after the heat

Little did I know the fun we were in for over summer back in late October at the time of my last post.
With over 2 months of searing heat consistently reaching the mid 40's in the Celsius scale and some nights still 30 Celsius at midnight the skies were free of birds and creatures great and small retreated to whatever haven they could find from the relentless temperatures.

It was within this oven like environment I found myself and awaited for more than the industrious ants and my dying garden to shoot. 

Autumn has brought some relief and some needed rain ( I think we had about 10 mm total over summer)
so I am back at it.

Considering how rare the following scene has been I shall start with this. Storm clouds bringing much needed rain and helping bring back life to all.

Still awaiting the big thunder storms to produce some good lightning shots.
Just may get a chance before winter sets in.

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