Sunday, December 31, 2006

In The Field

My apologies for the hiatus in postings over the last two months. Spring into Summer is a great time for insect and arachnid lifeforms, and I have been busily snapping away so as to provide some stunning photos for you the viewer of this page.
The photo above was taken by Denis Wilson on one of our field trips (looking forward to more in the new year Denis).
Denis and myself, along with Richard Jones, Andrew Jones, and Margo Hallowell will be staging an exhibition in the new year at the Fettlers Shed Gallery in Robertson.
Come along if you get the chance as it will showcase some great local talent ( I'll be there too :) ).

Hoping all had a great christmas, and wishing all a happy new year.
Some of the photos taken over the last little while are below, with dragonflies being the the focus (no pun intended) of late.

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