Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aphid Feast

As evening approached, I observed a number of Silver Eyes zipping around a Liquid Amber.

These birds would stop momentarily to collect food on the smaller branches.

On closer inspection I was able to determine that they were in fact collecting aphids.

The following photo is of an Aphid adult laying eggs, with some of the juvenile form visible next to her.

A Lewin's honey eater was also taking part in the feast. The loss of leaves providing easier pickings.


  1. Well done David!!!
    Having Monthly photo's of nature around Robo has been a dream of mine for a while. Great to see your comments on your photo's and observations. I have seen your photo's in "The Gib" Congrats!!!

  2. hi David,

    since Denis Wilson has allerted me to your Nature Blog, I have been enjoying your nature photography and observations.

    Well done, and I look forward to more.



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