Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rain Drops

The last week has seen some heavy falls of rain in Robertson and a few other lucky areas of the state. Even so, around 80% of NSW is still under drought conditions.
The challenge, with the perpetual wet we have enjoyed here, is what to take photos of.
Denis braved the weather and got some good shots on his site that are worth a look at.
I took the time to categorise some recently taken photos in an attempt to free hard drive space, soon got bored of that and pointed the camera at an overflowing gutter to get this shot.

It was taken with the following settings :1/1000 sec f8 50ISO with the flash enabled.

The dome on top of the drop is the section captured by the flash, while the stretching effect underneath is due to the limitations of the camera to only shoot at a max of 1/1000 with flash, and demonstrates the distance travelled over that time.

This photo of a storm approaching Robertson, though taken some months ago during the last heavy rains, gives a good idea 0f the strength of the various systems that pass our way on occasion.

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  1. Stunning photo of the storm, David.

    Nice explanation of the raindrop photo - I had not been able to work it out. Frankly, it looked like big "gob-spits", to be honest, because of the apparent "stickiness". But so many of them? It didn't make sense to me. You have explained that mystery very well.




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