Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse gets good turnout

The Luna eclipse got a good turnout tonight, with a fair crowd taking advantage of the event to have a look in a telescope and be part of the proceedings.
A few of the local crowd were there and the night was clear of mist ( will wonders never cease) giving all a great view.
The pictures shown her are of some of the attendants, the full moon, the moon half eclipsed, A fully eclipsed moon, and a nice distance shot showing a star or two...only possible at this time. Otherwise the reflected light is too bright to make stars that close visible.


  1. Hi David

    Nice photos there, Pal. I loved your photo of the moon half-eclipsed. It's just perfect. I could not get anything clear at that stage of the eclipse. Terrible over-exposure problems for me.

    Thank you so much for the loan of a tripod, tonight, otherwise I would have missed nearly all of the "show". Very generous of you, David. I really appreciate that.



  2. Hi Denis,

    Thank you, and It was my pleasure.
    Glad I had the extra tripod there.
    We will nail this type of photography...I am doing stop animations of this sort of thing at the moment...trying to get the "magic setting"...always room for another camera.

    All the best,


  3. G'Day Dave Thanks for coming down and having a look. My "mug shot" is as ugly as sin. No idea i looked so crook. Leave me out of any other shots you do and concentrate on the real nature it is so much more appealing.
    Regards Chris
    PS Excellent moon shots!! See if we cant get better definition thru the scope, aye??

  4. Hi Chris,
    Dont worry mate...photographed things much more scary than you.
    Hey...did a self portrait once.
    Thanks for a good night...I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

    Cant wait to get the camera on that scope...

    See you soon...


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