Saturday, November 24, 2007

A forest of bloodsuckers

After the wet and misty weather we have had, I thought a trip to the Robbo Reserve would be a good idea.
I hadnt been there for a while, so a visit was long overdue.

The kids and I found few fungi, and a whole heap of leeches.
The area was overrun with them, not only on the forest floor but also dropping from higher branches in the canopy.

We were lucky to make it out
Seriously though, I have never seen so many leeches in all my many walks through the environs they so love.
Most were quite small, giving the impression that they were the product of a quite successful breeding season some time recently.

The kids found the whole adventure quite educational....if a little creepy.


  1. Hi David
    Here's a challenge. I would love to see a time-elapsed photo series of a Leech attaching itself to you, feasting, getting bigger and bigger, till it falls off.
    Are you up to it?


    PS I know I would not be - I itch for 10 days after a Leech bite. :-))

  2. Hi Denis,
    I will have to think about that one, though the thought of the footage I could get does tempt me a little. Wether it tempts me enough to do it remains to be seen. :)


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