Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spiders out in force

Denis Wilson was over the other day swapping spider sightings,
when a huntsman, pictured below, made an appearance.
Only palm size, I expect him to grow quite a bit larger over the
coming months with the profusion of insects out at the moment.

As he has taken up residence with me, I will keep this site posted as to his growth if he hangs around long enough.

This little jumping spider gives an idea of his size as he peers at the camera amongst the hairs on my arm.


  1. hi David,

    without any logicality, the huntsman is the spider that scares me the most.

    I think it's because they have the hide to enter the house instead of staying outdoors where all well-behaved spiders reside. And because they wander around the house at night instead of hanging in a corner where the lady of the house knows exactly where it should be at any given time.

    I carefully relocated one to the outdoors a few days ago - you know, the sliding the paper under the glass method. When I set it down on the grass, it curled up like it was dead. I thought, "oh well, I did my best". But all of a sudden it sprang to life and darted off - cheeky sod.


  2. Hi David.
    The little "Jumping Spider" on your arm is so cute. Do you keep it as a pet?

    It looks like a tiny monkey, with those huge eyes.



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