Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Many changes afoot

A recent trip to the Black Forest was an eye opener, with many trees on the fringes of the great forest suffering from the ravages of acid rain. The trees seemed wilted somewhat, though as I travelled deeper within the wald things seemed to improve greatly.
The German government is fighting this problem with a massive replanting scheme.
Damaged trees are removed and are replaced with farm grown trees.
This is done while migratory birds are away in Africa so as not to disturb breeding season.
This shot was taken deep in the forest and, although the trees are healthy, altered weather patterns that cause mini cyclones have taken their toll even here.

Things have been warmer of late.
The following shots taken at 2 areas 500km apart from each other, illustrating that all but the highest altitudes feel spring in the air.


  1. Beautiful shots...yes, man is destroying the world!

  2. Hi Joe,
    Yes, mankind is having an impact, though I feel a larger cycle is being played out that will show our impact on nature as minimal in comparison.
    Check out how the worlds largest rice producers are going this year, and then check how many people rely on the crop...makes interesting reading.




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