Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trip to Bergisches Land

A trip to a nature reserve in Bergisches Land, Germany, proved to be of interest with panoramic scenery as pictured below.
The patchwork of mixed colours a visual treat as new foliage erupts.

The fields are alive with flowers, and trees have regained their leaves... with a sunny 25 degree C day making for a pleasant walk in the Wald.
Although the water was still icy it made for a refreshing dip after a long hike.

I promised Denis a few bird shots and, with the warmth of the day, it didn't take long to fulfil his request.
More shots are on the way, with some interesting observations on springtime behavioural pattens.
( if I can just photograph the quick little avian I am after) :)

Even the Bumblebees were out and about

With a trip to the North Sea planned next week, it will be interesting to observe the local fauna and flora there in relation to this area that lies some 600Km south.


  1. God, I am embarrassed that I have missed your postings. Been crazy here, with the SCA Environment Assessment, all 2500 pages of it needing to be studied, so we can "comment" on it. They will ignore our comments, no doubt, but we cannot pass up the chance to punch holes in their proposal.
    Nice shots of Black Kite and Grey Wagtail, by the way.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Denis.
    If the process with the SCA is anything like the previous campaigns where money or a quick political fix verses enviromental management, all I can say is good luck and hang in there.


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