Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thinking about Spring

Although the air is still cold, as the above vapor trails demonstrate, rare glimpses of spring are already underway and an awareness of this is apparent with the behavior of various birds in the area.
Denis Wilson, a bird watcher extraordinaire, told me to keep an eye open this season as it is proving to be a time of great interest for such activity.

Water fowl are already pairing off, with great squabbles over prospective mates....

Magpies have already begun swooping other birds around the nearby nesting site they have chosen and are already gathering building materials.

The kookaburras think the whole matter one of great hilarity...

Creatures, such as this Millipede, have also been seen out and about during the warmth of midday ....

Yes, winter has not let go of its grip yet though many are anticipating its arrival as the days slowly get longer...

With a veranda that will serve as a perfect watch platform this year, I shall follow the progression with interest.


  1. Hi David

    I have been remiss in checking your site. Very busy in the last week, unfortunately.
    Nice birds (Swamp Hens) and that Millipede was scary at such close range. It looked more like a Centipede, to me, but I am not disputing your naming. Its just they give me the creeps so much I have to look away!
    You seem to find houses with ponds just outside. Is that how you select your places to live?

  2. Hi Denis,
    No worries about your tardy behavior in checking my have been much the same.
    Thanks for dropping by....yes, it was a millipede...due to the leg count...glad I was able to creep you out...takes some doing ;)
    As for houses with ponds...I just dont know why, though it has caused an interest to develop in bird watching.
    There is a HUGE sanctuary here...complete with hide....
    look forward to a visit one day soon...yes, thats an invite :)


  3. Hi David

    I knew you would have checked the leg count - but your image was sooo real, it really did "creep me out". As you say, that takes some doing, for a guy who had a Huntsman Spider as my screen saver for months, as you will recall!

    As for the invitation - thanks - I'd love to take you up on that as the weather warms up a bit - I'll be in touch via email.


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