Monday, September 22, 2008

Amphibians make a splash

Frogs of many different species have been calling for some time now at the nearby dam, though of late it has been deafening.
I have managed to make out at least four types of calls, and managed to photograph this little one after disturbing him while working on my greenhouse.

I believe it to be Crinia signifera (The common eastern froglet), though it is hard to tell as this species has a large range of colour variations. The size (30mm) and the lack of webbing between the toes are distinctive characteristics though.
A good site to check frogs out is here.
It includes calls to help with identification.

A Black Soled Frog ( Lechriodus fletcheri) may have taken up residence in my carport.
The call is quite distinctive (and loud). These amphibians apparently do not need water to breed, preferring damp shaded conditions. I am hoping to get a picture soon as I live a little south of its recorded habitat.


  1. Nice one. We have a few different calls going at the moment which I need to identify.

  2. Hi David
    Good posting. Frog calls intrigue me, but I seldom can work out what I am listening to, except the Bleating Tree Frog, which is really distinctive.
    I hope you catch up with the Black-soled Frog soon.
    Its name is even weirder than my favourite weird bird name, the Red-kneed Dotterel.

  3. A very interesting post and thanks for the link to the database of frogs. That will certainly be a help for me.


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