Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bird stealing Insects from a spider

I was able to get this footage recently of a bird who has learnt that a quick meal is to be had removing small insects from spider webs.
It would hover for some time, collecting as many insects as it could.
I was able to see it collect some 20 in one attempt.
Although the video is quite quick...so is the bird.
I hope to get some more footage of this behavior soon.

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  1. Hi David
    Nice observation, (as usual) of an unusual activity. Some birds collect spider webs for nest building. They might as well get a free feed as well, eh?
    The bird is a Little Wattlebird which is a large honeyeater, with a raucous call. It is a bit smaller than the Red Wattlebird. The long wedge-shaped tail distinguishes it from Friarbirds. The rufous feathers in the wing are diagnostic between the Little Wattlebird, and the so-called Red Wattlebird (which has pink (not red) lobes ("wattles") near its ears. The Red WB has a yellow patch on its belly.
    The Little WBs were in my yard today, seeking nectar from large tubular flowers. They like large-flowered Grevilleas (in coastal gardens) and also Mistletoe flowers, and of course, Eucalypt and Banksia flowers - all of which have lots of nectar.


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