Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Running on Honey

Bird life is prolific at the moment and I was able to catch this Honey eater in the act today.
Not happy with a stationary shot, I decided to see what he looked like in motion.
The following shots are at around 1/600 of a second...giving an idea of how quick this guy is.

Seems a diet high in sugars is good for those on the move :)

The light was dimming as I took these, so my shutter speed was limited (I balk at using an ISO over 200).
I will attempt a faster series of shots soon, and may just get him crisp at 1/1600 sec.

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  1. Hi David

    I have a Bottlebrush which is just "ripe" and is getting Honeyeaters visiting it.
    I agree about the sugar-powered diet. They behave like a bunch of school kids drinking "red cordial".
    Nice shots. You got one "frozen action" shot "on the wing". But I really like the first photo, showing the slight blur. It is nicely balanced, with the bird showing both wings and tail, all spread out. A real action shot.
    New Holland Honeyeaters used be known as "yellow-winged honeyeaters" for very good reason, until the taxonomists did their thing.


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