Friday, November 07, 2008

Warmer waters, Warmer days

Despite fluctuations, well worn trends are being followed in regards to the weather.
Warmer ocean currents are heading south, and this can be seen by the arrival of the surfers best friend..the Bluebottle.

The beach, with an onshore wind, was covered with them.
At the shoreline I would estimate at least 20 every meter square...thank goodness the surf was nothing special :)
The sting from these creatures is not too bad, though some are affected worse than others. Considering the numbers present in the water, caution would be a good course of action.

With intermittent sun peeking through the clouds, I was able to capture a shot of one of my favorite small insects..The Hover Fly.

Always a challenge to capture well, due to its quick and erratic movements, It was a pleasure to get this of 30 taken.

My trip to Twofold Bay was not very successful, with a majority of the Whales having moved on south on their way to Antarctica. I will have to await their return around June.


  1. That's a great photo of a bluebottle. I can remember some pretty nasty stings from them years ago before we all took to wearing board shorts and shirts instead of skimpy bikinis :-)

  2. Hi David
    A small pod of Whales was seen on Wednesday, at Shoalhaven Heads, by some people I took out yesterday. So, there are still some travelling your way. Apparently very playful and co-operative. Reminiscent of your recent post on Whales playing, fin flapping, breaching, etc.
    Hoverfly shot is spectacular, David, when clicked to enlarge to full size.

  3. I've copped some sting from blue bott;es in thae past and definitely wasn't wearing a bikini.

    That's an awesome shot of the hover fly!

  4. Hi guys,
    As long as it wasnt a "mankini"
    Thanks for the heads up on the whales Denis...think I saw them today...though the shots arnt National Geo.
    I think I will go full out next season and get a trip on a whale watch boat.
    I will post what I have soon.


  5. G'day David,
    Great Hover Fly shot. They sure are tricky to get on the move.


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