Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aliens arrive

Its official..Aliens have arrived!
These shots of crop circles taken today are proof positive of extraterrestrial intervention.

Well, not exactly :)
These strange shapes in the lawn I believe to be caused by spiders

These "nests" are between 300- 800mm in diameter, and kill the grass within the tangle of web.

In the morning dew I have seen such webs from spiders before, though never to such effect.
I feel that a mass of spiderlings have hatched somewhere in the centre and have spread out.
I am not 100% sure on this...and am open to correction :)

So, no need to call the "men in black", 'cause the aliens are terrestrial after all :)

UPDATE 04.02.09:
I have had a few confirmations, along the lines of the comment by Denis Wilson, that the growth is of a fungal nature.
The "outbreak" occurred after heavy rain and humid conditions.
The circles have not grown any larger since this original post, though the grass has died fully, and green regrowth is spreading from the centre.
Very strange.
I have another yellow fungi that has appeared in the garden that is most unusual, and will try to do a post on it today.


  1. Hi David
    That's a surprise. I have heard of fungal conditions killing off grass in circles, but it does certainly look like the spider webs are doing it - but why? Thy're not vegetarians, after all.
    Good observation.

  2. Hi Denis,
    I also was wondering if it was a fungal growth, so I took another closer look today.
    I was not able to see any spiderlings, though I did see one spider..small and dead amongst the web like structures.
    The death of the grass makes it sound like the fungal growth you spoke of, though Ive never seen such a structure in fungi before.
    oh well,Back to the books :)


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