Sunday, January 25, 2009

More good rainfall

Huge storms have kept things green and cool over summer last week.
With not the best lightning shots in hand, I still thought it worth a post due to the great rainfall received.
One storm even dumped a mass of hail in Bermagui that was enough to make it look like snowfall had occurred ( you should ALWAYS carry a camera :P )

With recent trips to Canberra and surrounds, I observed last weeks storms from various areas and noted them all to be small in size though full of potential and numerous.
It was possible to bask in sun and extreme temperatures and watch an electrically charged torrent pass by.
This following picture, though not showing strikes, illustrates well the size of these storms.
As it passes, stars are visible with the clouds lit by the frequent discharges of electricity.

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  1. Hi David
    Nice Lightning catches, there, David.
    But as for missing the hail shots, you know about always carrying your camera, David!
    Petra is right.
    Big storms were visible from Robbo - but way to the south, in the Buddawangs. (Fires lit by lightning). But we have had only quick showers here. No real rain, unfortunately.


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