Thursday, March 19, 2009

More of nature's antics

Magpies are very interesting creatures to watch.
You never know what they will get up to next.
This inquisitive bird has found a piece of tennis ball.
I imagine that it would make a good nest liner, though nesting is over and it looks like this bird was hatched from this breeding season.
More evidence of play with a purpose perhaps.

Then there was this little frog I found today.
Looking almost black in colour, I thought I had found another species, though it turned out to be a juvenile Emerald spotted tree frog.
This individual had colour coordinated himself to his dark surrounds and can be seen somewhat lighter in the second shot.
It eventually ended up tan in colour over a 5 min period.

Nature is full of surprises with nothing quite what it seems.
Sometimes it takes a second look to make sure.

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