Thursday, March 12, 2009

NSW far south coast panoramas

With busy weeks recently I have found little time to take photos, let alone upload new material to this site.
I thought a couple of pano's of the area in which I live would be well received by those of you who regularly visit my humble nature blog.

All shots are taken within 30 Km of me.
The area consists of coastal bushland, farms ( mainly dairy) and scattered small towns and villages.
Coastal plains are bounded by small mountain ranges inland, with an abundance of tidal lakes and estuary's.
Soil types vary greatly from eroded metamorphic clays to black soils and basalt.
These differing soils and landscapes produce a variety of ecosystems ranging from temperate rain forest to iron bark stands, spotted gums and marshlands.

As Autumn sets in I am interested to view the changes in these environs for the first time, posting what I find.

these photos are best clicked on to be viewed full size.
They were made via photoshop and have 4-5 photos knitted together to produce the pano.


  1. Hi David
    Great shots.
    Nicely "stitched" too.
    I am at Dalmeny with my brother. but my battery has run flat, and I didn't bring my charger with me. Too many close-up flash phoots when out Orchid hunting on Wednesday.
    I shall be better prepared in 2 weeks time. See you then!

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  3. Hi, and thanks to Lincolndowns for the comment.
    It is a nice place here.
    Although your post is an advertisment im sure I can overlook that just once.
    While we at it..any one need a good photographer?
    Good rates and great shots!
    I can be contacted with the facebook link on this page.
    cheers :)


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