Monday, June 15, 2009

High charge Lows

Last night a low pressure system, accompanied by a trough, passed over NSW.
I observed what looked like summer lightning, an occurrence that sees the sky lit by sheets of lightning without clouds...discharges atmospheric as charges balance out.
Then the clouds rolled in.
They were slow moving and, initially, undetectable in a starry sky.
The following shot with stars visible...

Then the show got started.
The next shot of cloud that rolled in.

It was multi layered, with many cloud forms present at many levels.
The real dark ones on the RHS foreground were very low and very dense.
Quite ominous in their slow roll across the land.

The next day was sunny to start with, though a smaller second trough passed over around 8am giving some rain and this nice double rainbow.


  1. Hi David
    Spectacular (and unusual) lightning storm, it seems.
    It didn't come up as far as Robbo.
    Just clear, cold air here, at present.

  2. Stunning photos! Its always interesting to watch a new weather system move in - but not easy to catch its drama in a photo. So - good ones indeed!

  3. Thanks for dropping by guys :)
    Lightning is always hard to get I've found.
    These shots were at 15sec/ISO100/f 4.5.
    It takes my camera 15sec processing speed for every 15sec exposure, so there were a few beauties missed...trick is to have 2 cameras, and shoot while the other processes.


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