Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Headed Gull

Although its been a year since my return from Germany, I still have photos to process.
Its easy to push the button on a digital camera when you have over 10 Gigs of cards, though the work of processing still remains.
So, with a little time on my hands today I bit the bullet and sorted some more shots.
I found the following:

These are Black Headed Gulls that I snapped at the North Sea town of Harlesiel in Germany's north.
They are a little bigger than the Sea gulls that are common along the Eastern shores of Australia and also sport this black head.
I found the temperament the same though as I tried to eat some chips by the shore.
I doubtless will find other things to post as I wade through the Gigs of work still to do.


  1. Dramatic looking birds - but if they still act like gulls when you are enjoying a snack at the sea-side -not interesting - just annoying!
    Pre-digital days we had to pay for every roll of film developed and that was definitely a limiting factor.

  2. Hi David
    You had me going for a moment, when I saw your caption. Till I read the first sentence of text.
    Nice images.
    Look forward to more German shots.


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