Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birds of Prey

As winter deepens I have seen more birds of prey keeping an eye open for an easy meal.
While fishing the other day, I saw not less than six White Bellied Sea Eagles in a group (flock?) diving for Salmon off the beach.
Smaller birds, such as this Nankeen Kestrel have been keeping an eye in the surrounding fields for mice.

This Black Shouldered Kite was very tolerant of me, allowing a number of shots to be taken.

Eventually it took flight.
I was a little slower than it, unfortunately, though I have included this shot as I feel it conveys some of the power of these small hunters.

I look forward to further chances to improve this shot soon.
A good site to view details of Australian birds of prey is here


  1. That's a great collection of birds of prey - and really terrific photos of the Black Shouldered Kite. I just wish one would sit still and close like that for me!

  2. Hi David
    Lovely Kite shots. One of the neatest-looking Birds of Prey. Great shots.
    Thanks for the link too. I have bookmarked it now.

  3. Hi Denis,
    Thanks for the comments guys.
    The diversity of wildlife here is keeping me busy.


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